How Companies Are Opting For Executive Education Through Distance Learning And Supplementing Formal Courses From Consultants With Executive Training Tailored For Their Specific Audience.

E xecutive Education is academic programs at graduate level business schools worldwide for executive business leaders and functional managers which may or may not include certificate granting. The fastest growing type of executive education involves tailored programs offered to executive of specific companies in order to increase the organization’s management capacity through the combination of science of business and performance management

In today’s challenging economic environment, companies are starting to rethink their leadership development and business training programs to cater for learning and lifestyle. Executive education provides not only distant learning opportunities but also tailor the programs to help organizations increase management capacity, allowing business leaders to focus on identifying and setting goals, encourages self-awareness and leadership development. Companies that use the executive education method to help their top executives become more effective,

BAU Executive Education combines theory and practice with a deep knowledge of the industry to deliver immediate practical knowledge, barriers to entry are nonexistent and executives are practical about business and leadership. One of the key ways of achieving this change, participants are exposed to new models, allowing them tackle business problems because they are equipped with more appropriate tools, earning the participants an awareness of a different way of doing things.

Perhaps the most favorable detail about executive education is the convenience it entails, accommodating the other daily activities of one’s lifestyle comfortably while undergoing training, unlike formal consultancy courses.

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