Testimonials from September 2016

Testimonials from September 2016
October 4, 2016 BAU Communications
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Blessing AjimotiPrior to joining the BAU Executive Program, I usually just made up strategies and structures for the teams I have led, and as the need arose. The insights and knowledge I got from the BAU Executive Leadership and Management Program has, however, changed all of that. I now have an improved grasp of leadership and I am better prepared to effectively lead teams. The lesson on Organisational Change was especially very realistic.

I am positive that the BAU Leadership and Management Program’s modules are very relevant to today’s leadership needs.

Blessing Oluwatosin Ajimoti
Programme Assistant, Office for ICT Innovation & Entrepreneurship

mariam-adamsRunning a business is a tasking project I face every day, success and failure all merged yet failure is never an option if you needed to succeed. Having granted a scholarship to study Project Management with BAU Executive, an opportunity which I have always been seeking couldn’t have come in the best of time. The mentorship kept me active, on my heels and also engaged me with vital skills necessary to make an impact. As a Mentor and Business founder, BAU Executive really did set me up for more grand openings and opportunities.

This is to say: thank you to the sponsor behind the scholarship, the founder and team at BAU.

Mariam Adams
C.E.O, HamazonAcademia

oyebola_oyewoThe BAU Executive Education Leadership & Management Program was very interesting. The program units are extremely practical and relevant and have made me a better person and improved my leadership skills.

I found the Modules very useful especially Ethics & Values in Leadership; Leadership Stress and its Management; and Recognizing and Resolving Conflict.

Please keep up the good work and thank you for the Scholarship.

Oyebola Oyewo
Assistant Chief Public Affairs Officer, Nigerian Copyright Commission

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