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Our certificates are an ideal way for professionals, managers and executives to show improvement and skill growth in a particular area to enable them grow on a path or explore a new career in a different field. Each executive program is a sequence of modules in a specialized field that builds both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

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We partner with you to create learning programs that can help your organization grow, improve efficiency, drive sales, manage organizational change, adjust to global competition or provide better service delivery.

Whether in capability building or in transformative change management, we aim to move your organization’s strategy from vision to action.

Our tailored programs benefit both individuals and organizations. Learn More



  • brand

    Brand Management Program

    This program provides a fundamental framework and tools to strengthen your brand. You will learn how to build a strong brand identity, a superior brand experience, and lasting brand loyalty. You will be able to differentiate your brand from the competition, sustain its differentiation and competitive advantage, and maximize its impact and profitability. You will learn tools to manage your brand for competitive advantage, and understand how customers feel about your brand.

    Instructor: BAU Faculty | Duration: 8 Weeks

  • Free

    Business Communications

    With increased digital communications, video conferencing, telecommunications, real-time analysis and cloud computing, mobile solutions have become the norm for businesses today. As a result, organizations are looking for employees with agile communication skills who can help expand business into new arenas. In fact, communication skills are among the most important factors when choosing managers. This Program is designed to prepare students to keep up with the evolving workplace.

    Instructor: Ms. Eketi Ette | Duration: 8 Weeks

  • Free

    Concise Digital Journalism


    We are fast settling in an era where the attention span of an average individual is short-lived, and interests in wider subjects are dwindling. This course will teach you to hone in on skills already acquired from your daily use of social media, to better articulate your message while connecting with your target audience. You will be engaged in real-life exercises to expose you to the possibilities of conveying simpler and meaningful news, while maintaining accuracy of information.

    Instructor: Leanwords Faculty | Duration: 8 Weeks

  • customer

    Customer Relationship Management

    This program takes participants through the understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a business strategy focused on selecting and managing the most valuable customer relationships in order to maximize return to the business. It shows the importance of CRM as an essential requirement as customer acquisition becomes increasingly expensive and difficult. It prepares the participants to place customers at the heart of the company’s decision-making processes, by using behavioral data.

    Instructor: BAU Faculty | Duration: 8 Weeks

  • innovation

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

    This program is designed for the study of all aspects of starting a business venture. The students will recognize and find their potential for creating a business venture or marketable product/ idea. Students will be required to examine the planning, organizing, directing and controlling functions of operating a business as the entrepreneur assuming all the responsibilities and risks involved. The students will also cover aspects of innovation in becoming an entrepreneur.

    Instructor: Ms. Mary Jimoh | Duration: 8 Weeks

  • financial

    Financial Management Program

    As many executives / company founders are rising to positions of leadership and responsibility with limited knowledge of finance and accounting than they should have, this program is designed to help bring them to practical knowledge of financial tools, methods, and processes. It covers lessons on how to identify relevant cost information, budgeting, analysis of working capital and capital expenditure. Participants will learn how to make better financial management decisions to increase the value of their companies.

    Instructor: Mr. Eke Urum Eke | Duration: 8 Weeks

  • marketing

    Global Marketing Program

    As businesses are finding the need to expand across borders and play in a bigger global market, there is a need for marketing professionals with knowledge of cross border marketing. The course covers marketing plans, qualitative and quantitative research, consumer psychology, product positioning and strategy, pricing, packaging, brand equity, advertising, the marketing mix, customer value, and business-to-business and global marketing. Through it all, you will learn what makes customers buy what you’re selling.

    Instructor: Mr. Ndiana Matthew | Duration: 8 Weeks

  • humanre

    Human Resources Management Program

    Whether you are new to HRM or an experienced HR Manager, this program will enhance your skills and help you gain a deeper understanding of the critical function of human resources in organizations of all sizes. You will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to effectively recruit, orient and retain great employees as you learn how to apply Human Resources management practices in a real- world environment. You will build the skills you need to create a successful life-long career in the in-demand field of Human Resources.

    Instructor: Dr. Nathan Parke | Duration: 8 Weeks

  • leadership

    Leadership and Management Program

    This program explores the concepts, challenges facing, tools and skills leaders need today. It combines theory and practice to examine such topics as strengthening emotional intelligence, motivating people to achieve strong results, managing conflict, leading change, aligning teams, and eliciting support from colleagues and bosses. Through a series of modules, it discusses key leadership theories and practical skills required to succeed in today’s performance-driven job market.

    Instructor: BAU Faculty | Duration: 8 Weeks

  • project

    Project Management Program

    There is a high demand of project managers across many industry disciplines and fields including information technology, agriculture, telecoms, oil and gas, health, and other professional service sectors. The value of effective project managers within organizations through their ability to integrate the best practices of project management with enterprise-wide initiatives in areas such as innovation, continuous improvement, new product introduction, and transformational change cannot be overemphasized.

    Instructor: Ms. Rithika Barua | Duration: 8 Weeks

  • strategic

    Strategic Management Program

    This program is designed to help you expand your strategic mindset, acquire the skills needed to gain strategic insight, and apply strategy in valuable business decisions. It introduces relevant concepts, tools, and real world applications of strategic management. This program will enhance your ability to lead strategies that will drive growth for your business. You will emerge better equipped to tackle strategic initiatives, transform operating models, and drive change and innovation.

    Instructor: BAU Faculty | Duration: 8 Weeks

  • supply

    Supply Chain Management

    This program offers a broad approach to managing supply chains and leading efficient operations. Participants will be taken through models and real-world case studies on managing facilities, inventories, transportation, information, outsourcing, strategy and more. Emphasis is paid on the effectiveness of strategies for managing logistics and other complex operations. You will develop new skills for integrating your supply chain in your business decisions as well as be inspired to design a working, efficient and effective model for your operations.

    Instructor: BAU Faculty | Duration: 8 Weeks