E ducation is changing everything. Today more than ever it has become glaring how important skills are in keeping a job. Companies are on the scour for people who can get the job done in the smartest way possible and adapt to this ever changing business world. The big question has become, what difference can I make? What value can you add?

For the past 10 years, trends have shown an increase in the rate of learning. People are beginning to pick up skills faster than was possible a while back. So you ask, what changed? Nothing really; the Learning Revolution just happened. Almost all the access gaps that existed have been bridged by technology making it easier than it has ever been to learn a new skill and get great at it. We have moved from a focus on paper certificates to skill display.

What have those that have survived the learning revolution done? They learnt everywhere. Learning flexibility has made the difference in today’s job industry. With the variety of content on the web, there is almost no limit to what a person can learn and how they can learn it. Mobile, desktop, video, text, audio; it is happening and it is happening now – at your pace.

With the young employees and entrepreneurs in mind, we designed something to help them get ahead – BAU Executive Programs. Time matters to you and so does quality. We took these two and made a blend of tailor-made short courses that focus on the  what, why and the how of your pressing business questions. We brought in the perfect blend of experience and affordability to make this up and the process has been nothing but amazing.

You don’t have to listen to us. You can take the word of our former students and their feedback like the one below:

The BAU Executive Leadership and Management course has better equipped me to lead teams effectively, handle projects and build my professional network. These are useful skill sets to possess irrespective of your field of endeavour or career path.

When in the biomedical sciences field, it is easy to assume you don’t need management and leadership training. You’d think all you need to focus on is your lab work and research but in reality a biomedical scientist needs to be able to work with or lead a team of researchers, build relationships, networks and collaborations or even commercialise an invention. These all require leadership and management skills in addition to scientific know-how.

Akang Ekpenyong-Akiba,Lecturer, Cross River University of Technology; / PhD Researcher, University of Leicester.

When you enroll for any of our twelve programs ranging from the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program to Supply Chain Management or Business Communication, you will be joining a class of hundreds of brilliant students handling some of the most innovative projects around the world and beaming with ideas to share. By sharing from the experience of our instructors, you’ll be riding on the shoulders of giants and because learning happens at your pace, you are the master of your own fate.

The world can change for you too. You only have to take the step and enroll to get ahead. See you in class!

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Provider of affordable university level executive online programs for Africa’s working class. BAU Executive Programs are designed for graduates, professionals, managers and students looking to build on existing professional portfolios.

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