Learning Model

Focus On Students

BAU Executive Education offers targeted and learner driven approach learning that touches on important business concepts. Our programs are designed to bring an intersection between the classromm and the office, mapping learning outcome to productivity in the office. Our model is built around: Personalized Learning, Project Based Learning, Social Learning and Flexibility.

Personalized Learning

We understand that every learner goes through a program differently. We create personalized learning experiences for each student that enables them get the best out of our programs the best way they can.

Project Based Learning

Learning has to be applicable and in business programs, have to be useful for productivity and efficiency. We connect our learners to business problems that they can tackle and solve through learning.

Social Learning

Learning with and from your peers is an important part of what sets BAU Executive Education apart. We encourage our students to share ideas and insights from their business and life experiences.


We offer options for students to learn at their own pace within the restriction of semesters, cohorts and sessions. We believe that the availability of students difer and learning has to adapt to their needs.