This introduction is designed for BAU Executive Education students who have never used the Canvas learning management system or who are just getting started. You can also use this as a reference once you start your course if you have any questions then. After going through this resource, you should have a basic understanding of the Canvas toolset and be ready to begin using Canvas with your classes – regardless of whether you intend to take online or face to face courses at the BAU Campus.

Quick Steps

Here are quick steps to get started with your learning at BAU Executive Education.

  1. Visit BAU Canvas –
  2. Login with your email and password [An invitation to create a Canvas Account will be sent to you after your complete your registration]
  3. Accept the invitation to your Program as a student.
  4. Click on Program Image or Card
  5. Read the Program Introduction and Visit the Modules Menu to begin learning.

Video Resources

Canvas Overview
Taking Quizzes
Course Grades

Image Resources

Dashboard Tooltips
Click Here to Open Your Courses
View To-Do Across All Your Programs
Inbox Messages for Communication
Course Tooltips
The Modules Menu is where you can find all your resources
View To-Do for your Current Proram
This Viewing Area is where all your content will be displayed [Assignments, Notes, Videos, Discussions e.t.c]
View your Grades
Find your Coursemates and Teachers.