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We are fast settling in an era where the attention span of an average individual is short-lived, and interests in wider subjects are dwindling. This course will teach you to hone in on skills already acquired from your daily use of social media, to better articulate your message while connecting with your target audience. You will be engaged in real-life exercises to expose you to the possibilities of conveying simpler and meaningful news, while maintaining accuracy of information.

Program Benefits

The Leanwords Experience is primarily an academic tool through which individuals / students can explore the multi-faceted nature of digital journalism. By the end of the program, students will be able to identify the important elements in any piece of information, re-construct it in an easy-to-understand fashion and convey it in its simplest and briefest form.

Program Highlights

  1. The Leanwords Experience & Walkthrough
  2. Media Monitoring
  3. Social Media Management I
  4. Social Media Management II
  5. Writing & Editing at Leanwords: The Importance of Relevance
  6. Guest Lecturer Lessons
  7. Media Project
  8. Recap and Conclusion

Adeola Onafuwa