8 Weeks / N20,000

This program takes participants through the understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a business strategy focused on selecting and managing the most valuable customer relationships in order to maximize return to the business. It shows the importance of CRM as an essential requirement as customer acquisition becomes increasingly expensive and difficult. It prepares the participants to place customers at the heart of the company’s decision-making processes, by using behavioral data.

Program Benefits

  1. Develop and apply a framework for implementing a CRM strategy within your company.
  2. Set a vision and goals for CRM and critically, identify of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of CRM.
  3. Monitoring ROI and justify investment in CRM to different stakeholders.
  4. Have a clear vision of the solutions that are available to support CRM.
  5. Make key organizational decisions based on customer data.

Program Highlights

  1. Developing a strategic framework for CRM
  2. CRM Goal and objective-setting
  3. Creating metrics and KPIs to measure and monitor CRM
  4. Developing a clear customer value proposition
  5. Customer-centric marketing: traditional and online channels
  6. Building Customer Loyalty
  7. Social CRM: Building relationships through social web
  8. Executing CRM Strategies for Business Markets