Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Learn The Rudiments Of Entrepreneurship And How Innovation Can Create Indus
8 Weeks, 2Hrs Weekly
₦ 20,000
This program is designed for the study of all aspects of starting a business venture. The students will recognize and find their potential for creating a business venture or marketable product/ idea. Students will be required to examine the planning, organizing, directing and controlling functions of operating a business as the entrepreneur assuming all the responsibilities and risks involved. The students will also cover aspects of innovation in becoming an entrepreneur.

Program Benefits

  1. To have a better understanding of the definition Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  2. To know how to become Entrepreneurs and to identify business opportunities.
  3. To know how to write a business plan and to pitch it to potential clients.
  4. To understand the dynamics of business and how to adapt oneself to the business world
  5. To gain a greater understanding of the tools that every innovative organization and entrepreneur needs to know in order to succeed.

Program Highlights

  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  2. Factors to consider when starting a business / venture.
  3. Barriers to Entrepreneurship.
  4. Innovation
  5. The Business / Financial and Marketing Plans
  6. Pitching a Business Plan
  7. Managing, Growing and Ending a Business / Venture

BAU Faculty

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Mary Jimoh
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