8 Weeks / N20,000

As businesses are finding the need to expand across borders and play in a bigger global market, there is a need for marketing professionals with knowledge of cross border marketing. The course covers marketing plans, qualitative and quantitative research, consumer psychology, product positioning and strategy, pricing, packaging, brand equity, advertising, the marketing mix, customer value, and business-to-business and global marketing. Through it all, you will learn what makes customers buy what you’re selling.

Program Benefits

  1. Learn how to build a marketing plan based on customer insight and competitor analysis, including segmentation, targeting and positioning as it relates to global and cross border markets.
  2. Develop a strategy leading to the creation and management of communication, pricing and distribution strategies with a focus on new international markets.
  3. Explore the implications of serving multiple markets and of the emergence of new markets as opportunities for sales and growth.
  4. Have a practicable understanding of branding, pricing models and communications as they relate to global markets.

Program Highlights

  1. Introduction to Global Marketing
  2. The Relevance of Cultural, Political and Legal Systems
  3. International Market Research: Methods and Procedures
  4. Global Products and Branding
  5. Decision Making as it relates to Global Brands
  6. Financial Issues and Pricing in Global Markets
  7. Communications and Advertising in Global Markets
  8. Retailing and E-Commerce in Global Markets

Ndiana Matthew