8 Weeks / N20,000

Whether you are new to HRM or an experienced HR Manager, this program will enhance your skills and help you gain a deeper understanding of the critical function of human resources in organizations of all sizes. You will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to effectively recruit, orient and retain great employees as you learn how to apply Human Resources management practices in a real- world environment. You will build the skills you need to create a successful life-long career in the in-demand field of Human Resources.

Program Benefits

  1. Gain a greater understanding of how your HR department can maximize its contribution to the overall success of your organization.
  2. Become an effective voice in boardroom debates, offering strategies that align to business objectives and maximize employee contributions.
  3. Increase your ability to leverage organizational culture, enhance integration, build energy and offer choice in order to achieve global competitive capacity.
  4. Develop a personal action plan which you can implement immediately on your return to work.

Program Highlights

  1. Human Resources Fundamentals
  2. Employment Management
  3. Developing Employees
  4. Recruiting and Retaining Talent
  5. Health and Safety in the Workplace
  6. Human Resources Technology
  7. Organizational Change Management
  8. The future of Human Resources Management