Leadership and Management

Learn Leadership Theories And Concepts To Build And Lead A More Efficient Team
8 Weeks, 2Hrs Weekly
₦ 20,000
This program explores the concepts, challenges facing, tools and skills leaders need today. It combines theory and practice to examine such topics as strengthening emotional intelligence, motivating people to achieve strong results, managing conflict, leading change, aligning teams, and eliciting support from colleagues and bosses. Through a series of modules, it discusses key leadership theories and practical skills required to succeed in today’s performance-driven job market.

Program Benefits

  1. Assess needs and motivation of individuals at all organizational levels.
  2. Enhance skill in giving and receiving feedback.
  3. Sharpen your decision-making ability and coach effectively
  4. Use self-assessment tools to develop your own unique leadership style.
  5. Gain expertise in change management
  6. Effectively manage and resolve conflicts in teams

Program Highlights

  1. Introduction to Leadership and Management
  2. Implementation of Organizational Structures
  3. Concepts of Organizational Culture
  4. Leadership Skills, Theories and Models
  5. Developing and Implementing Change Programmes
  6. Team Leadership and Conflict Resolution
  7. Stress Management in Business
  8. Ethical Issues in Leadership Practices

BAU Faculty

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Gossy Ukanwoke
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