8 Weeks / N20,000

This program offers a broad approach to managing supply chains and leading efficient operations. Participants will be taken through models and real-world case studies on managing facilities, inventories, transportation, information, outsourcing, strategy and more. Emphasis is paid on the effectiveness of strategies for managing logistics and other complex operations. You will develop new skills for integrating your supply chain in your business decisions as well as be inspired to design a working, efficient and effective model for your operations.

Program Benefits

  1. Discover tools to align core processes for operational excellence.
  2. Understand frameworks to manage risks and opportunities for sustainable supply chain management on a global scale.
  3. Use product design, strategic sourcing and contracts to most efficiently match supply and demand.
  4. Build and maximize supply chain coordination and collaboration.
  5. Identify supply-chain risks and design risk-mitigation strategies.

Program Highlights

  1. Supply Chain Strategy and Drivers
  2. Supply Chain Tools and Processes
  3. Supply Chain Design
  4. Supply Chain Coordination and Integration
  5. Managing Inventory in a Supply Chain
  6. Procurement In a Supply Chain
  7. Managing Risk in a Global Supply Chain
  8. E-business and Supply Chain Strategy and Management